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  • How do I use the paints?
    To get the best results, add a few drops of water and let the paint activate for about 1 to 2 minutes. Then swirl your brush around the activated paint for the best consistency. Some paints require more activation time than others. Tip: The amount of water you use can change the opacity of the paint.
  • What are Dreamland Watercolor paints made from?
    My watercolor paints consist of pigment and watercolor binder which contains the following ingredients: gum arabic, distilled water, honey, glycerin, and clove oil.
  • What sizes are offered?
    The two most common sizes I offer are quarter and half pans, but you may see an occasional full pan. Quarter pan: ~1mL Half pan:~2mL Full pan: ~4mL
  • What is the best way to store paints?
    I recommend storing them in a tin or similar container once they are completely dried after use. Leaving handmade paints in a dark environment while wet can result in molding, the best way to avoid that is to wait until they are completely dry before storing them.
  • How are the paints used?
    Since I make watercolor paint, they can be used as such and for whatever you would normally use watercolor paint for! Common use is on watercolor paper with brushes, brush pens, or fluid writers, but you can get creative!
  • Will these paints work for _______?
    Makeup: While most of the pigments I use are cosmetic grade, I do not advise using the paint form for any other use than for watercolor paint. Wall paint: Since watercolor adheres to porous surfaces, it would not stick to walls. Other: Due to the water-based nature of watercolor paint, it performs best on porous surfaces like paper. If you are curious about a specific surface but are hesitant to make a purchase, I suggest experiment using any artist-grade watercolor paint brand as mine perform similar.
  • How do you use these paints as ink for calligraphy pens?
    To use these paints in nibs or fluid writers, I typically add more water and let the paints activate for a few extra minutes so the paints are both saturated and have a thinner consistency for improved flow. Once the paints reach this consistency, I use a paint brush to transfer the paint from the pan to the nib. It may take extra water and some trial and error to find the right flow for your pens.
  • Will you ever offer other mediums?
    I plan to branch out into other mediums, like acrylic paint, in the near future!
  • Do you have any tips for capturing the color on camera?
    Lighting is key! I know the struggle of not being able to capture what my eyes see through a camera lens, trust me. When I take photos and videos, I am in front of a window taking advantage of natural light and have back-up lighting sources to help. Going outside with your art (if possible) will almost guarantee a beautiful shot, especially if it's sunny!
  • What is the processing time after placing an order?
    Current processing time is 4-6 weeks. Once we are packing your order, you'll receive an email with tracking information! Preorders are designed to offer you our product without the stress and frustration that comes with limited inventory. Yes, it takes a bit longer, but as long as you order within the 7 day preorder window, you can get anything you want from our shop!
  • Do you have a custom order option?
    At this time, we are not offering custom orders.
  • The tracking number says my package was delivered, but I never received it. What happened?
    Occasionally, the postal service may accidentally deliver the package to the wrong address or marked it delivered by mistake. I advise that you reach out to your local post office for more information. If you suspect your package was stolen, file a police report. I am not responsible for any shipping delays or issues. Once I hand packages off to the post office, I have no control over what happens next.
  • If my order contains both in-stock and pre-ordered paints, will it ship together?
    If your order contains pre-ordered paints in addition to in stock, ready to ship paints, everything will ship together when the pre-orders are complete. If you'd like them to ship separately, please place the orders separately. I do not ship items in the same order separately because it is difficult to keep track of and the chances of mistakes are high. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Where is my order?
    Please be advised, as of JUNE 20TH, 2022, we have added the feature to create your own account via the website. This will allow for faster checkouts, but will also list all orders placed moving forward. Once your order has been received and processed, a tracking number should be visible. If you have any issues accessing your account or viewing order specifics, please let us know. We simply cannot answer all emails containing order inquiries, especially ones about tracking numbers. We ask that you make certain your email is correct and that you have double checked your spam/junk folders for shipping confirmation emails as these emails are automated. If you have checked your Dreamland Watercolor account and email spam/junk folders and still need assistance, please let us know.
  • Why is everything sold out, or not showing up? I want to place an order.
    If you see things listed as sold out, that means they are sold out. We encourage everyone to sign up for the mailing list, which can be found on the main page, so that you can stay up to date on launches and restocks.
  • How do I sign up for your mailing list?
    If you would like to sign up for the mailing list, you can do so on the main page.
  • I want to purchase a bulk order - is that possible?
    If you are inquiring about making a bulk order, please understand before sending an email that a bulk order must be a minimum of 100 units. Anything below that is not considered a bulk order and we will have to deny that request. Also understand that not all colors are in current production. That means that colors Emma may have released a few months ago are not necessarily colors she is readily able to make. When submitting a bulk order request, please use BULK ORDER REQUEST in the subject line with the names and quantities of the colors you are requesting. Please be advised that depending on order volume and pigment availability, that Emma may not be able to fulfill your request.
  • What is your return policy?
    Dreamland Watercolor does not offer returns. If you believe there was a problem with your order, please reach out so we can make it right.
  • Do you offer exchanges?
    As long as the paints are in their original packaging, paints may be exchanged. However, the buyer is responsible for return postage back to me.
  • My order is placed but I need to cancel. What can I do?
    I understand that life happens and there may be an instance where an order needs to be cancelled. As long as the order hasn't already shipped, orders may be cancelled. Please contact us to arrange a cancellation. (roughly 3 days after preorders close)
  • My paints aren't working or don't look like the pictures?
    Each paint can vary based on how much water used to activate, as well as how long it sits on top of your paint. If you are having difficulties getting the desired effect: - Letting them sit with a few drops of water for around 1 to 2 full minutes is very important. - Try using a different brush to mix. The water and paint need to mix in order to get the full, magical effect of Dreamland paints! Swap your mixing tool out with a full, stiff brush to mix before using. If you are still having problems, I am happy to personally work with you to get the desired effect.
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