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About our Pigments


The difference between paints and pigments is pretty simple, but if you're new to the watercolor world, it might cause some confusion. 

In basic terms, pigment is color. There's the pigment that is in our skin and the pigment that makes plants green, but there are also the fun pigments, used in art for things like paint, resin, clay, etc. Some can even be used in cosmetics, for eyeshadow, nail art, highlighter, and so on.  

If you've seen our videos, the pigment here is the powdered stuff we add the liquid binder to. At Dreamland, we add our pigments to watercolor binder to create watercolor paint, but you are not limited to that!

If you order pigment powder (not watercolor), you will receive the pigment in 1g jar. Please read the individual product information for specifics on approved application, but for the most part all of the pigments we sell are cosmetic grade.

The most common uses for pigment powder are: cosmetics (if approved), resin art, and paint making, although there are endless possibilities. 

Some things to Note

  • Pigment is sold by weight (1g) rather than volume. Dreamland pigment particle sizes and weights vary, meaning the volume will also vary. 

  • While the pigments are usually approved for cosmetics, please don't use the watercolor paint on skin. 

  • If you are interested in bulk, please reach out via the contact page. Minimum quantity for bulk order is currently 10g per color.

  • Pigment orders are currently following the same preorder guidelines and processing times as the watercolor paint. 

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